How to make light up Halloween monster card.

Happy Halloween!

Today I make light up Halloween monster card using Tim Holtz's stamp.

When you pull the pull tab, the eye of the monster flash.

I used an effect sticker on this card, so the eyes of the monster will flash.

The stamp I used is here.
"Tim Holtz 2017 monstrous"

What you need to make a light up card is like this.
"Chibitronics Red, Yellow, and Blue LED Sticker Pack"
"Effects stickers"
"3V coin cell battery"(CR2032)
"5mm wide Copper tape"

I will make the parts referring to the picture below.

  1. White cardstock for cover plate.
  2. White cardstock for circuit card base.
  3. Black cardstock for card base.
  4. Pattern paper for card base.
  5. Black cardstock for cover plate.
  6. Pattern paper for charm attached to pull tab.
  7. Switch parts(two 0.5x0.5 inch)
  8. Pull tab parts(two 0.5x2 inch)
  9. Black cardstock for sentiments part.
  10. Form sheet adhered to the back of the sentiment part.(3㎜ thick)
  11. Vellum paper for adhering from the back of the eyes.

Stamp the Dracula on the white cardstock using Tsukineko Memento Tuxedo Black ink.
Stamp the same stamp on the copy paper for masking and cut it.

The bottom rectangle is a place to adhere the sentiment part.

Mask the Dracula and color the background with Distress oxide ink.

Remove the masking copy paper and color the Dracula with copics.
Cut out the part of the sentiment with a craft knife.

Cut the eyes with a craft knife.

Put the cover panel on white cardstock and marking my lights and sentiments part.

Mark the outline of the battery in the center of the sentiment part and mark the Chibitronics on the eye.
Mark the effect sticker between the Chibitronics and the battery.

Mark and cut out the 1/32 x 1 inch slit in the upper right.

Draw the circuit with a pencil.

The minus side circuit passes through the slit, passes through the minus pad of the effect sticker, and then connects to the minus side of the battery.
The plus side circuit connects the plus side of Chibitronics and the signal pad (pointed part) of the effect sticker, and connects the plus side of the effect sticker and the plus side of the battery.
If you do not use an effect sticker, the minus side circuit is as shown in the photo above, and the plus side circuit directly connects the plus side of Chibitronics and the plus side of the battery.

Adhere the copper tape on the drawing path.

The back side of the slit looks like this.

Adhere the Chibitronics and an effect sticker.

Fold square parts in half, insert the half-folded parts into the slit and adhere the copper tape around the switch part.

Make cross-shaped parts like this.

Open the hole to insert the battery in the center of the foam sheet.

Insert the switch part into the slit and adhere the foam sheet.

Place the battery in the hole of the foam sheet with the minus side up and adhere the minus side copper tape on the battery.

Adhere the pull tab parts front and back of the switch part, open the hole and attach the eyelet.

Put the cover panel on black cardstock and cut out the position of the eyes and the sentiment.

Adhere vellum paper on the back of the eye hole.

Adhere the cover panel on the black cardstock.

Stamp the sentiment and heat embossing with silver embossing powder.

Adhere the sentiment part on the foam sheet.
Adhere the thin foam tape around the circuit card base.

Adhere the cover panel to the card base.

I will make a charm to attach to the pull tab.

Stamp the "pull here" stamp on the back of the charm and make a hole on the top.

Adhere the pattern paper on black card base, and adhere the parts I made earlier on it.

Attach the charm to the pull tab.
I finished it!

Frankenstein and witch cards are also the same circuit.

Unfortunately, since there is no tutorial video this time, please make it by referring to this blog.

Thank you for stopping by!
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