Chibitronics and Winnie & Walter collaboration week

Hi, crafty friends!

It’s collaboration week with Chibitronics and Winnie & Walter!
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Today I make light up Pop-up card.

When you open the card, the Chibitronics glow. Just like a refrigerator!!

I'm using these stamps and dies.
"Party On with Evelin T Designs"
"Party On with Evelin T Designs Cutaways"

"Essentials Audrey Cutaways"

"Stampendous Pop Up Stages Die Set"

What you need to make a light up card is like this.
"Red, Yellow, Blue Megapack"
"Pink, Orange, Green Megapack"
"Copper Tape"
"3V coin cell battery" (CR2016)

I'm using these papers and acetate sheet.
"White vellum paper"
"80lb White cardstock"

I will make the parts referring to the picture below.

  • 5.25 x 8.25 inch white cardstock
  • Two guava cardstock (5.5 x 4.25 inch)
  • Die cut white cardstock using the large frame die.
  • Three vellum paper
  • Three switch parts (0.5 x 0.5 inch)
  • Acetate pull tab part (0.5 x 2.5 inch)
  • Stamp three animals onto white cardstock.

Color the animals with Copic markers and die cut using the coordinating die.
(E71, E74, YR24, YR27, E31, E33, E39, E40, C2, C5, R37, Y11)

Stamp notes onto vellum using StazOn Jet Black Ink.

Die cut white cardstock using the pop-up and note dies.

Put two guava cardstock 2 mm apart with washi tape.

Make the switch mechanism.

Draw a line 1/2 inch from the edge of the card. Draw three lines at 1/4 inch intervals. Mark 1/4 inch from the center of the card.

Make a crease 1/2 inch from the edge of the acetate pull tab part.
(If the strength of the pull tab is insufficient, stick two pieces together.)

Make the slit.

  • Put the line drawn on the left card and the crease of the pull tab (blue arrow), and mark the tip of the pull tab. (green arrow)
  • Fold the card to 90 degrees, align the pull tab part with the mark on the right card (blue arrow), and mark the tip of the pull tab. (yellow arrow)
  • Mark 1/2 inch right from the line you just drew. (white arrow)
  • Cut the space between the three marks with a craft knife to make a 1 mm wide slit.

Put the insert on guava card base and mark the notes with a pencil.

Make the circuit.

  • Mark the position of the Chibitronics and the battery.
  • Draw the circuit with a pencil.
  • Make sure the positive side circuit crosses the bottom edge of the slit.
  • Put the double-sided tape on the position of the battery.
  • Adhere the copper tape on the drawing path.
  • At the position of the battery, peel off the release paper, adhere the negative side copper tape, turn it back and cut it.
  • At the position of the battery leave about 1 inch of positive side copper tape and cut it.
  • Place the battery on the copper tape with the positive side up and adhere the positive side copper tape on the battery.
  • Adhere the yellow, red and orange Chibitronics on the mark.

Adhere copper tape on the Chibitronics to reinforce.

Make the switch part.

  • Fold square parts in half and insert the switch part into the slit.
  • Place the switch part on the bottom end of the slit and adhere the copper tape.
  • Pull the switch part out of the slit and adhere copper tape around it.
  • Insert the switch part into the slit and confirm that the LED turns on.

Apply double-sided tape on 1/2 inch square parts and put it on the switch part on the cover side.

Put the double-sided tape on the switch part and acetate part. Adhere the acetate part at the marked position of the card base.

Place the switch part at the top end of the slit, peel off the release paper of double-sided tape and close the card base. When the card is opened, the pull tab part is affixed to the switch part.

Looking from the side, it is like this.

The switch mechanism is completed.

Make the insert.

  • Draw a line outward from the position of the left pop-up.
  • Draw the line 1/4 inch from the center of the card and cut it.
  • Adhere vellum paper on the back of the insert panel.
  • Fold the insert along the crease.
  • Stamp the notes onto the insert.
  • Put the foam tape on the upper half of the back side of the insert.
  • Do not put the foam tape to the position of the acetate part.
  • Put the double-sided tape on the lower half of the back side of the insert.

Adhere the insert on the guava card base.

Looking from the side, it is like this.

Adhere the animal parts on the pop-up parts.

Make the cover panel.

  • Place the animal part on the cover panel and stamp the sentiment and notes.
  • Adhere the animal part on the cover panel with foam tape.
  • Put the double-sided tape on the back of the cover panel.
  • Adhere the cover panel on the guava card base.

I finished it!

When you open the card, the Chibitronics glow.

Be sure to check out the whole video tutorial for more details.

Thank you for stopping by!

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